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SCSI Toolbox, LLC - SCSItoolbox Release Notes

SCSItoolbox Notes
  Version 9.3.1
  Version 9.3
  Version 9.2
  Version 9.1
  Version 9.0
  Version 8.8
  Version 8.7.1
  Version 8.7
  Version 8.6
  Version 8.5
  Version 8.4
  Version 8.3
  Version 8.2
  Version 8.1
  Version 8.0
  Version 7.2
  Version 7.1
  Version 7.0.0
  Version 6.1.2
  Version 6.1.1
  Version 6.1
  Version 6.0.5
  Version 6.0.12
  Version 6.0.10
  Version 6.0
  Version 5.3
  Version 5.2
  Version 5.1
  Version 5.0
  Version 4.2
  Version 4.1
  Version 4.0
  Version 3.9
  Version 3.8
  Version 2.7
  Version 2.6
  Version 2.5
  Version 2.4
  Version 2.3
  Version 2.2
  Version 2.1
  Version 10.4
  Version 10.2
  Version 10.1
  Version 10.0

Version 2.1.N
Internal fixes.

Version 2.1.M
DLT Download command bug fix.

Version 2.1.K
Tape Performance test bug fix.
Disk Tests bug fix. (Tests would previously stop running after 45 minutes.)

Version 2.1.J
Added two User-Defined fields for each target, printable from reports. The fields are defined at the Options/Settings/Specify Custom Fields menu. Field #1 is printed at a %u1 variable in custom reports; Field #2 is printed at %u2. These fields can be used to store/print any alphanumeric information. For example, one field could hold an OEM part number while the other holds a system-level serial number.

Version 2.1.H
Tape Tests added to User Scripting.
Tape Performance Test bug fix.

Version 2.1.G
Macro Function: All user input can now be captured to a "macro file" which can be saved and played back. Scripting: Scripts can be built that include user-definable SCSI CDB's, SCSI target/lun/adapter setting, and calls to STB's disk and tape tests.

Version 2.1.F
Extended time-out on HP jukebox diagnostics.
Allows for multiple loops on HP jukebox diagnostics.
Allows verify disk test to be restarted.
Change start/stop command to update display after command completion.

Version 2.1.E
Internal Use

Version 2.1.D
Added disk-to-tape/tape-to disk feature to media copy.
Added Change Definition command under Disk/Commands/Information/Change Definition. This allows the drive to be set to SCSI-1, SCSI-2, or CCS.
Added Tape Performance Test to Tape/Test. This measures the tape write/read performance using various block sizes.
Added Tape configuration to Tape Commands, which allows the block size to be changed, and compression enabled/disabled.

Version 2.1.C
Added support for FCAL
Misc Internal Fixes

Version 2.1.B
Added device locking functions in options menu.
Added simultaneous multidrive formatting.

Version 2.1.A
Misc Internal Fixes

Version 2.1.9
Added Map Disk defects (under Disk/Test/Sequential Tests menu). This test scans a disk drive and reports and logs all correctable and unrecoverable errors.

Version 2.1.8
Added Print Reports (report printing is controlled by the "Print Reports" checkbox under the Options/Settings menu choice). When selected, a report will be sent to the default printer after any test has been run. The reports are generated from one of two template files, report1.dat or report2.dat. The file "report1.dat" will be processed if the test was completed with no errors, the file "report2.dat" will be processed if any errors occurred during testing. These files are template files that you create with any editor. You can embed the following tokens into these files and the report generator will fill the values in at print time:
%d - prints time and date
%v - prints SCSI Vendor data
%p - prints SCSI Product data
%r - prints SCSI Revision data
%s - prints SCSI serial number
%a - prints SCSI Target Address
%c - prints capacity
%n - prints the name of the last test run
%f - prints a form feed
%e - prints test error count
%k - prints sense information
Added Data Corruption to disk commands. This command allows you to corrupt a range of data blocks on a disk drive.
Added Segmented Firmware Downloads.

Version 2.1.7
Changed all performance tests to have 1 ms resolution.

Version 2.1.6
Added the following to user-defined scripts:
Set Target/LUN script command.
Wait for ready script command.

Version 2.1.5
Fixed problem caused by a disk having a serial number greater than 12 digits long.
Added buffer load, save, and compare to the User Scripting functions.

Version 2.1.4
Added Print Screen Functionality. Pressing the "ALT-Print Screen" key combination will copy the currently active screen to the windows clipboard. You may then select the Print Clipboard choice from the files menu to send that image to any graphics capable printer.
Includes a new and improved User Defined Command functionality.

Version 2.1.3
Added RIGID GEOMETRY PAGE (Page code 0x04) to Mode Page Edit.
Added ability to view DEFAULT MODE PAGE data to all Mode Page Edit pages.
All MODE PAGES in the Mode Page Edit command now display values and take input in hexadecimal, with the exception of the RIGID GEOMETRY PAGE.
Added display of DEFAULT PAGE VALUES to Hex Mode Page edit command.
Added View All Available pages to the Mode Page Edit command.
Added Sequential Write/Read test to Disk Test Menu.
Added Sequential Write/Verify test to Disk Test Menu.
Added Random Write/Read test to Disk Test Menu.
Added Random Write/Verify test to Disk Test Menu.
Added user entry of blocks per transfer to all Disk Tests.
Added Set Buffer function to all Disk Tests.
Corrected Buffer Edit display to display in hexadecimal.
Corrected error condition in Disk Tests where the test could not continue if one drive was selected and an error was encountered.
Corrected error in Blocking Factor Disk Tests where the OK button did not work.

Version 2.1.2
Internal changes only

Version 2.1.1
Fixed bug in disk Quick QC test which could cause testing of unselected devices.
Enhanced Error Logging and Report Generation Options.
Added Option setting to enable/disable "Safe Jukebox Testing". If enabled all move operations will return media to the original source location and all moves to drives must originate in mailbox. If disabled, media is not returned to source and moves to drives can originate anywhere. NOTE: if operating in "NOT SAFE" mode a random juke test will scramble the media locations which may cause end user software to fail.
Enhanced the User Defined CDB features.
Improved License Manager with more detailed operational and error messages.
Included electronic manual with distribution.

Version 2.1.0
Major Changes:
Firmware download problems encountered in version 2.0.8 have been fixed.
Enhanced error reporting from license monitor.
The most recent version of our DOS SCSI Toolbox32 is 4.4.0.

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