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SCSI Toolbox, LLC - SCSItoolbox Release Notes

SCSItoolbox Notes
  Version 9.3.1
  Version 9.3
  Version 9.2
  Version 9.1
  Version 9.0
  Version 8.8
  Version 8.7.1
  Version 8.7
  Version 8.6
  Version 8.5
  Version 8.4
  Version 8.3
  Version 8.2
  Version 8.1
  Version 8.0
  Version 7.2
  Version 7.1
  Version 7.0.0
  Version 6.1.2
  Version 6.1.1
  Version 6.1
  Version 6.0.5
  Version 6.0.12
  Version 6.0.10
  Version 6.0
  Version 5.3
  Version 5.2
  Version 5.1
  Version 5.0
  Version 4.2
  Version 4.1
  Version 4.0
  Version 3.9
  Version 3.8
  Version 2.7
  Version 2.6
  Version 2.5
  Version 2.4
  Version 2.3
  Version 2.2
  Version 2.1
  Version 10.4
  Version 10.2
  Version 10.1
  Version 10.0

SCSItoolbox Suite version 8.1 Release Notes

SCSItoolbox Suite (STB) Additional Features & Tests

  • SATA Drive Confidence Test
  • SATA Quick Quality Control (QQC) test
  • Added a SATA Command Sequencer
  • SATA SMART Log function – dump self-test logs
  • SATA SMART Self Test function – start any of the types of self-tests

SCSItoolbox Suite (STB) Bug Fixes

  • Fix SATA Device Discovery
  • SATA User Defined Command - Fixed bug where transfer size was not being loaded from command file
  • SATA User Defined Command - Fixed bug where transfer direction was not loaded from command file

Manufacturing Module (DMM) Bug Fixes

  • Fix ATA no-data user defined command & timeout bug

Manufacturing Module (DMM) Additional Features & Tests

  • Added SATA self test test step as external program
  • New test step to read, interpret, & log SATA IDENTIFY data & SMART self-test logs
  • Added ability to run different test sequences to different drives.
  • Replace seek command with single-block read in seek test

New Products

  • Added product Linux Disk Manufacturing Engine (DME)
    • Linux based engine that will run DMM sequences defined in the Windows DMM GUI

Developer Toolbox (DTB)

  • Unlinking API calls in DTB
  • Added ability to determine which HBA the boot drive is on
  • Replace ATAUserCmdFull() function 
  • Change logfile version number to that of DTB

Bus Analyzer Module (BAM) Additional Features & Tests

  • Text file output/export. Whole capture or selected range

Bus Analyzer Module (BAM) Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the save speed problem
  • Fixed end of capture loop problem

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