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SCSI Toolbox, LLC - SCSItoolbox Release Notes

SCSItoolbox Notes
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New additions to SCSI Toolbox32 version 2.5.31 (May 2001)

New SWP Functions:

  • Function SCSIUserCdbTimeout
    ByVal ha As Integer,
    ByVal target As Integer,
    ByVal lun As Integer,
    cdb() As Byte,
    ByVal cdblength As Integer,
    ByVal datadir As Integer,
    ByVal datalength As Long,
    ByVal buffer As Integer,
    ByVal tOut As Integer) As Integer
    *Specify tOut (timeout) in seconds.
  • Function SCSIFileOffset2Buffer
    ByVal buffnum as Integer,
    ByVal datalen as Integer,
    ByVal FileName as String,
    ByVal offset as long) as Integer
  • Added support for firmware download to HP Ultrim tape drives.

Windows 2000 Support: This version fixes several issues with hot swapping devices and hot scanning busses.

  • Misc Issues: Several GUI fixes to clean up the user interface.

  • Fixed IBM Firmware Download if user pressed do it button without selecting a file the program crashed.

Features in SCSI toolbox Version 2.5.1

Windows 2000 Support:

  • Version 2.5.1 and above add support for operation under Window 2000 operating system.

Windows NT 4.x

  • Version 2.5.1 and above remove the 64K I/O size limitiation for paralell scsi devices.
  • The buffer size is configurable in the registry: The registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ Services\stsclass\Parameters\BufferSize specifies the total buffer size in bytes.

New Tests and commands:

  • Seagate DST - DST (Drive Self Test) is a Seagate proprietary test algorithm built into the drive itself. There are long and short versions of the test which can be selected. The test is non-destructive to data on the drive while doing a very thorough test of drive functionality. This test is only supported on newer Seagate disc drives.

  • Tape Map test - This test will read a piece of tape media and display a detailed list of filemark locations and size and number of data blocks in each file. This is very useful for identifying the data structure that was written on a tape.

  • DLT FUP Write - This feature allows the user to copy drive firmware from a DLT drive to a piece of media, creating a FUP (Firmware Upgrade) tape. This FUP tape can then be loaded into another DLT drive and the firmware will be loaded from the tape to the drive.

  • DLT Repair - DLT media contains a directory block at the begining of the tape. If this directory becomes damaged, (for example write some data then lose power to the drive) the media cannot be read by the drive. This test utilizes special commands to read a tape with a damaged directory and recreate a correct directory block on the tape so that it can then be read.

  • STK9840 Dnld - Support has be added to download firmware to StorageTek 9840 tape drives.

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