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SCSI Toolbox, LLC - SCSItoolbox Release Notes

SCSItoolbox Notes
  Version 9.3.1
  Version 9.3
  Version 9.2
  Version 9.1
  Version 9.0
  Version 8.8
  Version 8.7.1
  Version 8.7
  Version 8.6
  Version 8.5
  Version 8.4
  Version 8.3
  Version 8.2
  Version 8.1
  Version 8.0
  Version 7.2
  Version 7.1
  Version 7.0.0
  Version 6.1.2
  Version 6.1.1
  Version 6.1
  Version 6.0.5
  Version 6.0.12
  Version 6.0.10
  Version 6.0
  Version 5.3
  Version 5.2
  Version 5.1
  Version 5.0
  Version 4.2
  Version 4.1
  Version 4.0
  Version 3.9
  Version 3.8
  Version 2.7
  Version 2.6
  Version 2.5
  Version 2.4
  Version 2.3
  Version 2.2
  Version 2.1
  Version 10.4
  Version 10.2
  Version 10.1
  Version 10.0

SCSItoolbox Suite version 8.0 Release Notes

All Products Additional Features & Tests

  • New device driver which allows higher I/O rates plus queuing and compatibility with 32-bit and 64-bit OS's
  • Installation package will now allow for 32bit and 64bit OSís

All products bug fix

  • Fixed problem with USB commands that have no data phase

SCSItoolbox Suite (STB) Additional Features & Tests

  • SATA firmware downloads
  • Replace SEEK commands with 1-block READ for ATA drives
  • New SES output of all pages
  • Enhanced SATA SMART and IDENTIFY information display

Developer Toolbox API (DTB) Bug Fixes

  • Threaded test will use all the characters in the serial number when creating log files for devices under test

Developer Toolbox API (DTB) Additional Features & Tests

  • Function added to change default driver in registry
  • New API in VCPSSL to define where to store the log files

Manufacturing Module (DMM) Bug Fixes

  • Replace SEEK commands with 1-block READ for ATA drives
  • Fixed problem with I/O counter overflow after 4.2 billion I/O's

Manufacturing Module (DMM) Additional Features & Tests

  • If test fails, to run an external program and depending on the outcome of this external program to proceed to the next test or to stop all test.
  • Logging of the external program return code is logged
  • User defined timeout values in DMM

Bus Analyzer Module (BAM) Bug Fixes

  • Fixed device discovery so that BAM addressing coincides with STB and system addressing

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