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SCSI Toolbox, LLC - SCSItoolbox Release Notes

SCSItoolbox Notes
  Version 9.3.1
  Version 9.3
  Version 9.2
  Version 9.1
  Version 9.0
  Version 8.8
  Version 8.7.1
  Version 8.7
  Version 8.6
  Version 8.5
  Version 8.4
  Version 8.3
  Version 8.2
  Version 8.1
  Version 8.0
  Version 7.2
  Version 7.1
  Version 7.0.0
  Version 6.1.2
  Version 6.1.1
  Version 6.1
  Version 6.0.5
  Version 6.0.12
  Version 6.0.10
  Version 6.0
  Version 5.3
  Version 5.2
  Version 5.1
  Version 5.0
  Version 4.2
  Version 4.1
  Version 4.0
  Version 3.9
  Version 3.8
  Version 2.7
  Version 2.6
  Version 2.5
  Version 2.4
  Version 2.3
  Version 2.2
  Version 2.1
  Version 10.4
  Version 10.2
  Version 10.1
  Version 10.0

STB Suite version 8.7 Release Notes

  • Set DTB default driver to be STBTrace instead of NTPort
  • Install new VB-based SCSI Command Compliance file(s) instead of old ones.
    • This replaces the old ScriptWriterPro project with a complete Visual Basic project.
  • Update default.def file
    • This adds several new definitions for various Log Pages and Parameters
  • Use updated GetHaspMFC.exe to get DEP setting on Win7 properly
    • This eliminates all unnecessary DEP-related error messages or warnings during the install process.
  DMM: Fixes/Changes:
  • Fix PreTest Actions fw/dl to work correctly with SATA drives
    • This automatically senses whether the drive under test (DUT) is SATA or SCSI/SAS/FC and uses the appropriate firmware download procedure for the drive type.
  • Change "SCSI DST" test step name to "Drive SelfTest"
    • This test is modified to detect the drive type (SATA, SCSI, SAS,FC) and run the appropriate short self test. See List of DMM Test Steps below in item #7
  • Change "SATA Info" test name  "Drive Info"
    • This test will automatically sense the drive type and use SCSI INQUIRY commands for SCSI/SAS/FC drives or SATA IDENTIFY & various SMART log retrievals for SATA drives. See List of DMM Test Steps below in item #7
  • Changed SATA FWDL
    • Removed from test menu - use old “FW Download” test step instead as it has been fixed to sense which type of drive is under test and will use the appropriate firmware download method.
  • Fix FW Download transfer length
    • Previously a condition could appear where the final transfer in a segmented firmware download would not be the correct transfer length
    Logfile path now stored in the sequence files and retrieved when sequence file loaded
  DMM Additions/New Features
  • Add logging drive temperature to “Drive Info” test step.
    • Records drive temperature in the log file for SATA and SCSI/SAS/FC drives
  • Add SSD Preconditioning Test
    • This new test step does all of the steps necessary to prepare a SSD for testing or benchmarking.
  • New device display
    • Displays adapters and drives in a tree structure.
    • Adds a Status column for each drive to report test progress, errors, problems, status
    • Allows all drives attached to a given HBA/Adapter to be selected with one checkbox
  • Add new data pattern "Encryption"
A pre-created file of random numbers is used to eliminate the compute time needed to generate a large number of random numbers. Add “Customizable fields in DMM logs.
  • Each test step can have a user-defined text field. Each test run can have a user-definable Operator field and Test Description field.
  • Add the ability to add a Date-Time stamp to the log file names
  • Update Drive Info test
  • SATA drives will interpret IDENTIFY information to include changes from T13 ACS-3
  • Add DUT Capacity and Block size to logfile header
  When user adds a test, or modifies a test, or load a new test sequence, the special text field on Advanced Options is cleared VCPSSL: Additions/New Features
  • 64-bit support for "Number of Blocks To Transfer" (i.e. can now transfer more than 4,294,967,295 blocks in a test)
  • New test using File-based I/O
  • Add new info on "Transmit Mismatch Length" (user can now retrieve Expected versus Actual)
  • On error, add a timestamp to when the I/O went out, and when the I/O completed
  STB: Fixes/Changes:
  • Fix Original Mode Double-click to be correct with native SATA drives
  • Fixed Mode Page 0x1A display so IDLE_B is displayed properly
  • Fixed Quick Profile test to not announce read defect failed on SATA drives
  • Fix Idle_B bit setting in Mode Page 1A
  • Fix Display for Log Page 0x0E
  • Fix DCO Settings APM value
  Additions/New Features
  • Add "restore original capacity" to Disk->Commands->Capacity/Block Functions
    • Allows factory default capacity to be restored if the original capacity is unknown
    • In STB Original Mode, Disk-Commands->Capacity/Block Functions
  • Add an Original mode SATA Corrupt Blocks command
    • If the drive supports the SATA WRITE UNCORRECTABLE EXT command blocks will can be corrupted from a starting LBA.
    • In STB Original mode, ATA/SATA->Commands->Corrupt Blocks
  • Double-click disk – report drive RPM.
  • Update SATA IDENTIFY to include changes from T13 ACS-3

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