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Product Details
Product Manual
  v9.2 PDF

Release Notes
  Version 9.3.1
  Version 9.3
  Version 9.2
  Version 9.1
  Version 9.0
  Version 8.8
  Version 8.7.1
  Version 8.7
  Version 8.6
  Version 8.5
  Version 8.4
  Version 8.3
  Version 8.2
  Version 8.1
  Version 8.0
  Version 7.2
  Version 7.1
  Version 7.0.0
  Version 6.1.2
  Version 6.1.1
  Version 6.1
  Version 6.0.5
  Version 6.0.12
  Version 6.0.10
  Version 6.0
  Version 5.3
  Version 5.2
  Version 5.1
  Version 5.0
  Version 4.2
  Version 4.1
  Version 4.0
  Version 3.9
  Version 3.8
  Version 2.7
  Version 2.6
  Version 2.5
  Version 2.4
  Version 2.3
  Version 2.2
  Version 2.1
  Version 10.4
  Version 10.2
  Version 10.1
  Version 10.0

Order Options
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Notice: Online Performa orders are for Active Customers only. Contact Sales if your product maintenance has lapsed.

Performa is the maintenance and support program that SCSI Toolbox offers for the STB Suite. We offer Performa to our customers to make sure you have the most up-to-date testing solution available on the market and have access to technical support.

Members of the Performa program receive the following benefits:

  • Latest CD of the SCSItoolbox (Version 9.2) shipped for use with your existing STB Hardware key license
  • Access to all product updates (Emailed Quarterly to the Technical Contact)* for one year from purchase date
  • New tests, new interface support, new commands, major upgrade or incremental change
  • GoToMeeting™ training session tailored for your business needs
  • Access to technical support and engineering staff via
    • Monday through Friday 8AM - 5PM Mountain Standard Time
    • Response time guaranteed within 24 hours (Typical response time 4 hours or less)
    • 8 hours of technical support
  • Products included with upgrade:

    All modules are now included! Your Performa purchase now includes the following:

    • SCSItoolbox Suite (Version 9.2) – The industry's most advanced and widely used testing suite. In use world-wide since 1992, the SCSItoolbox encompasses every tool that you need to test, troubleshoot, configure, and diagnose any SCSI, Fibre Channel (FC), iSCSI, SATA, ATAPI, or SAS device. read more here
    • Developer Toolbox – The Developer Toolbox uses our proven interface to access SATA, SAS, SCSI, Fibre Channel, iSCSI or ATAPI devices from Visual Basic or C++ running on all 32 bit versions of Windows. Linux support using shared library. read more here
    • Tape Manufacturing Module – The Tape Manufacturing Module is the easiest to use, most versatile, and fastest tape testing product on the market. A true multi-threaded, multiple host bus adapter, multi-drive screening and testing tool. read more here
    • Disk Manufacturing Module – The Disk Manufacturing Module (DMM) is the easiest to use, most versatile, and fastest disk testing product on the market. A true multi-threaded, multiple host bus adapter, multi-drive screening and testing tool. read more here
    • Bus Analyzer Module – BAM is a software bus analyzer that can capture, display, and analyze trace data from any peripheral bus, including SCSI, Fibre Channel, IDE, ATA, SATA, and SAS.  BAM offers complete versatility as far as choice of phases that are captured and displayed, capture modes to minimize I/O impact, buffer size and capture size, and device(s) to capture trace data from. read more here
    • Protocol Control Control (PC2) – The PC2 software from SCSI Toolbox, LLC brings a new level of parallel SCSI protocol control to your test environment. Designed in cooperation with LSI Logic to work with their Fusion-MPT™ Message Passing Interface technology, PC2 allows all negotiated parameters to be displayed or set for all devices connected to any SCSI Host Bus Adapter based on the LSI53C1030 chip set. PC2 also provides the means to generate hardware SCSI bus resets. read more here
    • Bus Reset Tool – SCSItoolbox Suite Version 6.0 and higher now offers the Bus Reset Tool which gives you access to a variety of methods to issue bus resets to any peripheral bus accessible to the SCSItoolbox. read more here
    • ATA Task Register Commands – SCSItoolbox Suite Version 6.0 and higher has the ability to issue any task register ATA command to any ATA/SATA storage device. This allows test scenarios that include ATA commands that are not implemented in ATAPI such as retrieving SMART data, ATA IDENTIFY data, SEEK, SET MAX ADDRESS, and more. read more here
    • Performa – Upgrades and support for SCSItoolbox Suite as well as priority for new product development and enhancements. read more here One year of updates, enhancements, and support
    • Hardware Key (for Authorization) - If Applicable


    Pricing Considerations
    Performa is $995.00 if renewed by the anniversary of the products original purchase. If Performa is not purchased by the annual date, the price to upgrade is $1995.00 until the next anniversary. After one year of Performa coverage has lapsed the price to upgrade a SCSItoolbox Serial number is $2995.00.

    All pricing is in USD.

    Performa pricing is per license. Multiple licenses per company/department must be maintained simultaneously.

    *To verify your technical contact information, please email with your Name, Company, and STB Serial number. We will verify the contact information, and shipping address for your Technical contact.


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